Privacy policy


With the information that we will provide you next INCATIS, S.L. (Hereinafter: "INCATIS"), want you to know the privacy policy applied to your personal data is.

2. Complience of the data protection regulations 

INCATIS, meets all the requirements established by the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data, and all the data under our responsibility, are being treated in accordance with the legal requirements.

3. Security Measures

The appropriate technical and organizational safety measures will be kept, which will guarantee the confidentiality of the data according the established legal regulations.

4. Purposes

The purposes of the data that you'll facilitate us will be the following:

(i) We inform you that the personal data that you will provide us and the one that will be obtained from your relationship with us, will be incorporated into a file or files, in responsibility of INCATIS, and will be dedicated primarily to the purposes related to the management of the general administration, maintenance, compliance, development and control, manage your relationship with us.

(ii) Contact: manage your contact with INCATIS whether it is for a consultation, for help, a request to collaborate, a claim, a complaint, a denounce, a room reservation, a rental of an space, a service request, or any other reason.

(iii) Social networks: INCATIS puts in its knowledge that it is present in social networks. The processing of the data of the people that follow us (and / or establish a link or perform any action of connection with INCATIS to the social networks) of the official INCATIS web pages on the social networks will be ruled by this section, the legal notice of the Web, as well as those Conditions of use, Privacy Policies and other regulations on access, use and similars, that belong to the social network that corresponds to which the user of the social networks has accepted. INCATIS will treat the data you provide as a follower in order to correctly manage your presence in the corresponding social network, informing you of activities of INCATIS or of thirds that may be related to the activity of INCATIS as well as any others that the regulations of social networks may allow.

(iv) Forums: your data and those that are generated due to your relationship with INCATIS, will be used for the purposes of management, maintenance, compliance, development or control of your participation in the Forum in which corresponds and it is possible that your identifying information may appear in the Forum.

(v) Subscriptions: your data generated due to your relationship with INCATIS, will be used for the purposes of management, maintenance, compliance, development or control of the subscription requested.

(vi) Data of thirds: If you provide us with other peoples data or provide us some in the future, you must first inform and obtain the consent of the person for the use of their data according to the explained above.

(vii) Other data protection clauses may exist on the Web page. In these cases, it will be the one established in each one of them and in a complementary way, and if it's necessary, the present Privacy Policy will be applied.

(viii) However, your information may be reported by compliance with the legal and / or contractual obligations that may exist.

Cookies: consult the cookies policy in this link

Rights of the once affected: if it'snecessary, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, by a writing accompanied by a copy of the official document that identifies you to INCATIS, SL, domiciled at the Passeig General Mendoza, nº 1 P2, CP 17002 of Girona or by sending an email to indicating in the envelope or in the subject of the message: INCATIS Privacy Policy.

With all this said, we will understand that in the moment that you provide us with your data, we expressly authorize you to carry out the processing of your data according to the one described above.