The fixed schedule will be from 10a.m to 8p.m

  • The anticipated ticket for one day will be 8€ and 10€ at the box office.
  • The 3 days pack (With a t-shirt for free) costs 15€.
  • The one day ticket for the youngest of 16 years old costs 4'50€ on anticipated and 5€ at the box office

The kids with less than 16 years will be able to take in the discount in the reduced entrance.

You can also enjoy an important discount with the purchase of the subscription.

The children with less than 6 years will have a free entrence to the Fair.

Of course! We'll love to have your help. You can register as a volunteer through this link.

The workshops are free and have a free access * once you have accessed the site. You can reserve your place through this link.

The workshops of sushi and sake have a cost of 5 and 2 tickets respectively (1 ticket = 1 euro) that you can buy at the point of the sale of tickets.

You can find the list of competitions here with the corresponding conditions. Stay tuned for registrations through our social networks since registration is online.

Yes, the tickets give you the right to access to the building as many times as you want during the day.

Yes, although we have an area dedicated to restoration.

Yes, if you come with a cosplay of a manga character, anime or video game you will have a discount on your ticket. Check the bases at: here.

We are sorry but, regrettably, once you bought the ticket, the money will not be refunded.

Yes! We love the animals but many people will come so ask your pet if it wants to come. For hygienic reasons they have the entrace excluded into the restaurants area.