Guillem Terribas



Guillem Terribas (Salt, 1951), self didactic, cinéfilm, painter-draftsman, bookseller, comedian, communicator, conversator and observer. He has collaborated and collaborated in the media of all kinds. He has received some awards and recognitions. In 1978, with a group of people from Girona, he founded Llibreria 22 and for thirty-six years he has been the soul and the manager.

Now he has taken a step by the side. In 2007 he published a book that spoke of him and books entitled "Tomorrow will be another day." In 1990, with another group of friends, he set up the Girona Critics' Film Group, and, without making elections, he is still the president, for what "theoretically" is the greatest and wise. This group has been responsible for the Truffaut Cinema in Girona since 2000. Cinema has always given meaning to his life, and this is what he wants to explain in this book.

You can find him on: 

      - Instagram: @guillemterribas22

      - Blog: demaseraunaltredia

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