"Dichosa creatividad"

with Rocío Quillahuaman


Rocío Quillahuaman is an illustrator who creates content in image format and videos on situations with which we have felt identified at some point. And that's why (and other factors, such as the peculiar audio of their videos), so today, Instagram continues their posts over 80K 'followers'.

Rocío Quillahuaman will explain how personal frustrations can become creative content and, sometimes, viral. From his experience with the animations that have been so successful in social networks, he will talk about his creative process, the way of dealing with animation and audiovisual creation, the myths of creativity, the Success and failure in networks and their personal experience in the audiovisual sector.

You can find her on:

        - Instagram: @rocioquillahuaman

        - Twitter: @rocionoseque

        - Youtube: Rocío Quillahuaman

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