Maria Hesse



She knows like a few the women's universe, Maria Hesse invites us with her delicate sensitivity to explore in our bodies based on her own experience and the portrayal of some real or fictional women, who from her Creation to our days have been able to explore the mystery and the power of our sexuality. From Lilith or Maria Magdalena to Beyoncé, through Safo, Cleopatra, Mata Hari, Caitlin Moran, Marilyn Monroe or Daenerys Targaryen herself,

All of them faced the prejudices of an era and contributed, each in their own way, to the discovery and dissemination of female sexuality, illuminating the path towards sexual pleasure in its multiple forms and variants.

You can find her on: 

      - Instagram: @mariahesse

      - Facebook: @mariahesse

      - Twitter: @iammariahesse

      - Pàgina web:

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