Lola Vendetta



Lola Vendetta is the alter ego of Raquel Riba Rossy, a young illustrator from the 90's who lives in Barcelona. The character was born in 2014 under the need to express what the author felt towards those things of society and of some individuals who touched her ovaries.

Lonely in Raquel's room, Lola Vendetta was born. She started by throwing an old man who touched her without her permission to the subway tracks and after this a few more victims fell later. Anyone who was discourteous, daring and disrespectful to Rachel, died sadistically under the katana of Lola Vendetta.

Through Lola, we live through the conflicts of work, family, couple, friends... the feminine frustration with certain orthodox positions of some troglodytes and a lot of tools of empowerment for all those who join the movement.

Over time, Lola Vendetta has become the voice of women's silence. Through it and the multiple messages with proposals of vignettes that are sended to the author, women take the center stage.

Lola may have hair on her legs and armpits, but not one on her tongue. Sharp, forceful and feminine, this is Lola Vendetta.

You can find her on:

      - Instagram: @lola.vendetta

      - Facebook: @lolitavendetta

      - Web page:

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