Risin Star

Kpop Dance Covers


Risin 'Star, a group of 6 boys mada in Barcelona. The group was formed at the beginning of 2018 moved by its passion for dance and the Asian culture, especially the Korean one.

Since the creation of the group, they have strived to upload videos on a weekly basis to their YouTube channel, earning thousands of subscribers and more than one and a half million views.

They have danced in different exhibitions, competitions and parties related to Asian culture as well as organizing different activities and events in their city to spread their love for Eastern culture.

Each member of the group has its own charm, which makes it possible to form a group where its weaknesses and strengths complement one another.

They are very excited to be able to act for the first time in Girona and to show us the dances of K-Pop artists who have dedicated so much effort and passion to them.

You can find them on:

     - Instagram: @risin.star

     - Twitter: @StarRisin

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