Poster 2019

Paco Cavero (Tarragona, 1980)

From Girona since 1992, Paco Cavero begins his artistic life as a graphic artist in Norma Editorial, after having studied "Graphic Art" in Joso School (Barcelona, 1998-2002).

Shortly after, in Norma Editorial, develops the section "Dibuja con Dibus!" for the magazine "Dibus!", and becomes the inker and colorist of the great Daniel Torres with three albums of his mythical character "Roco Vargas".

Shortly after, along with Guillermo Mendoza, and under the scripts of Kevin J. Anderson, publishes the miniseries "Grumpy Old Monsters" in the American IDW Publishing. At the same time he works as an advevertising illustrator for important agencies creating campaigns for Bollycao, Nivea, Real Madrid and Oraldine among others. 

In 2007 the wold of cinema enters his life and begins his film career with te shooting of the short film "Yo y sus geranios". From 2011 to 2016 he writes and directs a trilogy of fantastic themed short films ("Le llamaremos Bobby" - "Por eso no tengo hermanos" - "Verde Pistacho") with which he reches more than 400 internacionals and 45 awards.
Recently he co-directed, with Alicia Albares, the shortfilm "La tercera parte" which could become a feature film soon,

He never forgets his artistic tendency and continues working for Norma Editorial, and other publishers such as Dark Horse, as a colorist. 

At the beginning of the year he has merged the drawing with the cinema and has been in charge of making the storyboard of the film "Bajocero" by Lluís Quílez, produced by Morena Films.
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